DraftWise launches Deal Context API to give lawyers the full picture of transactional data for contracts and negotiations

Product Update: DraftWise Deal Context

Aug 23, 2023
Product Update: DraftWise Deal Context

DraftWise Deal Context is the second release in the company’s updated suite of AI features, following the announcement of an innovative EDGAR AI integration.

NEW YORK, August 22, 2023 – DraftWise, an AI-powered firm intelligence platform, today announced DraftWise Deal Context, a suite of capabilities to integrate & extract data points related to a law firm’s history of transactional deals, to empower attorneys to better utilize their firm’s expertise throughout the drafting and negotiation process.

“The historical expertise of a law firm is what distinguishes a firm from its competitors. That hard-won knowledge is how a firm develops and maintains its sterling reputation.” shared DraftWise CEO, James Ding, “And yet, firms rarely have the necessary tools to connect that information and create access points for attorneys to extract, implement, and analyze it across the contract drafting and deal negotiation lifecycle.“

"With DraftWise Context, attorneys can understand what the most frequent variations of a clause (such as financial covenants) are for loans in the leveraged financings in the US in the $100-200M range or attorneys can instantly pull up examples of another law firm’s paper. The capabilities are unprecedented and formidable, especially when applied to negotiations,” added Ding.

DraftWise Deal Context is a suite of capabilities that support contextualizing legal terms and clauses with the real-world circumstances of the transaction. The feature connects the various data and knowledge stores that a firm has accumulated, including Document Management Systems (DMS), knowledge repositories, and other structured and unstructured sources, including post-closing surveys, to create a unified source of information where attorneys can intuitively search, extract, and analyze critical information for client contracts and negotiations.

Law firms invest an increasing amount of resources into capturing and curating data and historical knowledge. Still, attorneys are often unable to incorporate this data into their workflows. With DraftWise Deal Context, attorneys can easily access and leverage their firm’s data while drafting and negotiating, making it easier for everyone at the firm to derive value from the decades of precedent and client victories that a firm houses in its knowledge libraries.

To learn about easy access to the new deal context API, please contact sales@draftwise.com.

DraftWise’s latest features continue to focus on eliminating needless “needle in the haystack” digging, evolving the drafting and negotiation experience to better support how and where attorneys search for and utilize their firm’s best language or precedent.

“We work closely with our customers to better understand how DraftWise is adopted across a practice group. If something isn’t working or doesn’t seem helpful, we ask why and we find a way to make it mission-critical to an attorney’s workflow, “ added Ding. “Our road map is similar. We are not adding features for the sake of adding new tech – we’re addressing real pain points that impact a lawyer’s ability to successfully deliver for their clients. Our latest product updates - the EDGAR integration and DraftWise Context – are rooted in our customer feedback, and we’re thrilled to deliver such impactful product improvements to the thousands of attorneys that rely on DraftWise daily.”

About DraftWise
DraftWise is an AI-powered firm intelligence platform that helps attorneys draft and review contracts faster through access to their firm's cumulative knowledge and data.

DraftWise was founded by Palantir and Google engineers, James Ding and Emre Ozen, and Clifford Chance lawyer, Ozan Yalti, to bring advanced analytics and data management to the legal space, enabling lawyers to spend more time on the critical task of representing their clients.

You can learn more about the platform at www.draftwise.com.

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