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A secure end-to-end drafting and negotiation AI platform designed for all transactional lawyers. Leverage client preferences and  the most relevant data to deliver flawless drafts every single time — within seconds.

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Connecting lawyers with their best language.

With DraftWise, lawyers can effortlessly access relevant knowledge and data directly in Microsoft Word. Transactional attorneys ranging from top global firms – the Vault10, AMLaw 100, Magic Circle, and Seven Sisters – to in-house teams at Fortune 50 companies, use DraftWise every day to meaningfully understand, markup, and negotiate contracts.

Get Time Back

Utilize contract automation for the tedious tasks that take you away from your clients.Access your best language in seconds and mitigate risk from small errors sooner.

Optimize custom benchmarks including your DMS, reference documents, playbooks, or EDGAR to craft drafts faster using preferred language, saving time and effort.

Work with Certainty

Review every document armed with your firm’s full history of knowledge: no need to trawl through the DMS or ask, "Where have we seen this before".

Understand “what is market” for any given provision: see similar terms across your own firm's internal data, as well as public data available from EDGAR.

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AI Technology, Founded in Security

Our engineering and security teams have deep experience building secure deployments for global companies and government agencies and hold multiple data and application security patents. We are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant among other security certifications.

A commitment to excellence in data security is ingrained into our culture – we stand for trust, security, and a core commitment to safeguarding our clients' data. Our product maintains all ethical walls and puts the administrator in the driver's seat. Search and implement the best language without sacrificing security.

AI technology

Meet the innovative DraftWise AI platform

DraftWise is the only AI solution that empowers transactional lawyers through every stage of their process - from contract drafting to negotiation – using the breadth of your deal history. Effortlessly tackle complex agreements at scale, keeping your team laser-focused on more strategic work.

Your deal history at your fingertips

With DraftWise, access your best language, precedent, and client-preferred positions instantly, through a secure DMS integration, auto-generated playbooks, or simply uploading a reference document, right in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Actionable recommendations – powered by your data

DraftWise’s advanced search, recommendation, and chat features enable you to find the right clause or definition quickly and effectively. Insert smart recommendations based on your deal history, easing the redline process from start to finish.

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Empowering every lawyer with the knowledge of many

DraftWise facilitates secure, easy content sharing by promoting clause banks, know-how precedents, and playbooks. Every lawyer on your team will achieve greater ROI from the entire firm or organization’s existing work.

"DraftWise has been a valuable innovation partner since we began our journey to transform the M&A process several years ago. The lastest GenAI tool set makes for an even more powerful platform. Fully integrated into our deal workflow by Orrick Labs, it enables our deal teams to spot issues faster and seamlessly implement redlines based on deal history. We look forward to continuing to innovate together as we identify new use cases and client solutions."

Vedika Mehera

Director of Orrick Labs at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

"DraftWise will save our attorneys and the entire deal team hundreds of hours by enabling them to tap data and spot trends with incredible speed and accuracy. That adds up to more efficient client service and it also makes work better by enabling our team to focus on areas where they can add strategic value. We also see use cases for DraftWise precedent features beyond contracting."

Wendy Curtis

Chief Innovation Officer

“The ease with which our attorneys could quickly build an accessible, sharable knowledge collection based on prior work was something we had not seen so well executed—until now. Powerful search capabilities in DraftWise mean our best contract language is quickly obtainable and easily actionable, inside Word at the time of drafting—where and when lawyers need it most.”

Bill Koch

Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer

“It definitely saves time, but it is not just about that. It is about quality of our product—of the drafting we’re doing. DraftWise helps the lawyer draft better and faster.”

Oliver Neasham

Senior Associate

“DraftWise is another pillar in our suite of practice innovations and client solutions. Our attorneys—who handle more corporate transactions for fast-moving venture-backed companies than any other law firm in the world—were clamoring for a tool that would allow them to better leverage that knowledge earned at the negotiating table. DraftWise is exactly the right solution for that need.”

Naveen Pai

Director of Knowledge Management

Supercharge your drafting and negotiating.

Experience the power of AI in legal document drafting and analysis.