Higher quality contracts in a fraction of the time.

without ever leaving Word

DraftWise is a knowledge management and intelligence platform seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Word that helps law firms produce higher quality contracts in a fraction of the time. 

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Precedent Search

Search your firm’s precedents, your own contracts, or publicly available contracts (e.g. SEC filings, EDGAR database) in seconds, all without leaving Word.

Recommendation Engine

Working on a similar deal? DraftWise recommendations let you incorporate the provisions you previously used with a single click, all while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Clause Library

Save provisions into personalized and shareable clause libraries and access them for instant use. No more folders on your desktop or searching for old email threads.

DraftWise utilizes technology and data security policies trusted by S&P 500 companies and international intelligence agencies.
4 patents published, 2 pending

Seamless integrations with all your existing software

Ready to work with your precedents on day one.

Leadership Team

James Ding
5 years enterprise software leadership
Former Product Lead of Palantir’s global scale developer platform powering organizations around the world
4 published & 2 pending patents in data security, AI, and databases
Emory University Alum

Emre Ozen
ex-Googler & engineering leader at Palantir Technologies, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and Lehman Brothers
Built search platform used by S&P 500 companies, US & World Gov’t
Managed Cybersecurity for global organizations (total ~2M employees)
Columbia Graduate School of Engineering and Georgetown Alum

Ozan Yalti
9 years practicing law at global firms including Clifford Chance
International experience (NYC, Frankfurt, Dubai)
Advised clients on complex transactions, including, up to USD 6B financings
Stanford Law School and Yale University alum

Security & Data Privacy

Data Privacy Policy
The firm retains complete control over their data, and DraftWise will not share or disclose any data or firm intellectual property.

Flexible and Secure Deployment
DraftWise is designed with technologies trusted by S&P 500 companies and intelligence agencies. We provide a variety of deployment configurations to support your firm’s technology and compliance requirements.

Experienced Enterprise Security
We follow industry standards for highly sensitive data and customize the security architecture to your specific requirements. Our team has experience building secure deployments for global companies and governments and hold multiple patents in data and application security.

“A credit agreement takes 30 hours to draft. A lawyer with DraftWise can do it in 10.” 

Senior Associate, Clifford Chance

“I wish DraftWise existed when I was an associate...I would've had fewer sleepless nights.” 

Partner at aM Law100 Firm

“Using DraftWise allows me to focus on the most enjoyable parts of being a lawyer.” 

associate at aM Law100 Firm
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