About Us

Our founding team is composed of former Palantir and Google engineers and an experienced lawyer from a top global law firm. Our highly talented team is designed to focus on building and delivering the best product in the industry, with the engineering, product and customer expertise to fulfill this promise. We are a fully remote company, though offer the option to co-work in our major cities in the US and Europe. Our global culture means we hire only the best from around the world and value people who are respectful of their colleagues, who support each other to achieve our shared goals and who pride themselves on delivering high-quality work.

While an early stage company, we are backed by Y-Combinator and well-known VC funds and are generating revenue from some of the biggest names in the industry, members of the important Vault 10, Magic Circle, AMLAW 100 and other rankings of law firms. Our company is growing extremely fast, with customers across multiple countries and more to come.

Emre, James and Ozan
James Ding

James Ding, CEO

James is CEO and co-founder of DraftWise, an innovative AI drafting platform that unifies data silos and uses AI to help law firms wield their collective expertise and past deals to deliver better client outcomes. Before founding DraftWise, he led teams at Palantir developing big data AI solutions and has invented multiple patents in data security, machine learning, and cloud computing. For fun, he likes to bake bread and play tennis.

Emre Ozen

Emre Ozen, Co-Founder

Emre is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer at DraftWise. Prior to founding the company, Emre served as the Enterprise Technical Lead at Palantir, with a focus on cybersecurity, data management, and API infrastructure. Emre began his career in finance and held leadership and analyst roles at Deutsche Bank and Barclays Investment Bank. Emre holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Software Systems from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University. 

Ozan Yalti

Ozan Yalti, Co-Founder

Before co-founding DraftWise, Ozan practiced law for a decade, including as a lawyer at Clifford Chance LLP in their banking and finance practice. Ozan’s interest in combining technology and law began during his studies at Stanford Law School. His unique experiences as a lawyer serve as his motivation for founding and scaling DraftWise; in his words, "What makes me happy is to see thousands of lawyers use DraftWise. Being a lawyer is no easy feat, and the fact that we can help lawyers in their most essential workflows is valuable – and we work towards enhancing that value each day.”

Our Mission

DraftWise was founded with the vision to transform the legal industry by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Our team of experts recognized the need for a secure and efficient solution that would enable legal professionals to access their firm's collective knowledge and historical work in a matter of seconds. With DraftWise, attorneys can now focus their attention on providing the best service for their clients, while our AI technology handles the heavy lifting.

The DraftWise Team