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Draft & negotiate with your firm's total knowledge

Harness the institutional knowledge of your firm through machine learning so that everyone, from senior partners to first-day associates, can draft and negotiate contracts to win better outcomes.

Apply firm knowledge & deal history to intelligently navigate contract drafting and review

Proofread & compare – intelligent document analysis

Navigate revisions with ease and never miss an important term: mark-up any agreement with your client's preferred language.

Quickly compare clauses, understand language context using DMS metadata, and preview definitions all in a single word document.

With DraftWise “people are way more efficient in their work – attorney satisfaction is overall higher.”

Orrick Attorney

DraftWise user

Review work –informed by firm precedent 

Review definitions in a large, complex agreement without the  need for split screens or constant searching with DraftWise’s Check function.

Look up unusual language, integrate favorable clauses from past reviews, and understand past original content mark-ups with intuitive search and mark-up functions. Ensure that all definitions are present and consistent with your firm’s past deals and client preference.

Mehera found the DraftWise team laser-focused on integrating with attorney work. The DraftWise platform meets attorneys where & how they work, eliminating the need for users to “workaround” the tech.

Vedika Mehera

Director of Orrick Labs at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Draft with the firm’s best language 

Minimize guesswork and ensure relevant language is readily available in a moments notice. 

Enhance workflow with our clause bank feature: save and curate clauses for easy future access, tailored for teams or junior associates. Organize documents into collections, tag clauses with essential contexts like 'Buyer/Seller Friendly', and promote best practices.

“Newer attorneys can step away from tedious tasks faster and dive into higher-level work for clients.” 

Orrick Attorney

DraftWise user

Supercharge your drafting and negotiating.

Experience the power of AI in legal document drafting and analysis.