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DraftWise harnesses the institutional knowledge of your firm through machine learning so that everyone, from senior partners to first-day associates, can draft and negotiate better contracts and win better outcomes.

Instantly Compare with Document Analysis

Quickly compare clauses, understand language context using DMS metadata, and preview definitions. Explore clause evolution with a version selector, maintain copied text formatting, and proactively identify needed definitions. Redline versions highlight negotiation changes, and soon, you'll identify frequently used clauses. Transform and refine your legal drafting effortlessly.

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Curate Language

Enhance workflow with our clause bank feature: save and curate clauses for easy future access, tailored for teams or junior associates. Organize documents into collections, tag clauses with essential contexts like 'Buyer/Seller Friendly', and promote best practices. Simplify your process with a one-click "Save Language" functionality across the platform.

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Review Work

Effortlessly read definitions and cross-references side-by-side in complex agreements, eliminating the need for split screens or constant searching. Streamline by identifying and rectifying unused or missing definitions. Look up unusual language, integrate favorable clauses from past reviews, and understand past original content mark-ups with our intuitive search and mark-up functions.


Below are common questions customers ask about security, data, and deployment at DraftWise.

What is DraftWise's Data Privacy Policy?

The firm retains complete control over its data, and DraftWise will not share or disclose any data or firm intellectual property in any form, including trained intelligence or aggregates. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

In addition: Information Security Policy and Data Retention Policy.

Does DraftWise provide enterprise-grade security?

DraftWise has been certified for Cyber Security Essentials Plus (UK Cybersecurity standard) and is SOC2 compliant.

We strictly adhere to industry standards for highly sensitive data and can further customize the security architecture to your specific requirements. Our engineering and security teams have deep experience building secure deployments for global companies and government agencies and hold multiple patents in data and application security.

We follow industry standards for protecting highly sensitive data and can customize the security architecture to your specific requirements. Our team has experience building secure deployments for global companies and governments, and hold multiple patents in data and application security. We are also partners with the major cloud providers (GCP, AWS, Azure).

What about encryption and audit logs?

Firm data is encrypted at rest & in transit. We use the following protocols: At Rest: AES-256 encryption algorithm. In Transit: Data transmission via HTTPS using TLSv1.2 or TLSv1.3.

We use AWS CloudWatch for audit logs and monitoring services. Logs are collected and stored from resources, applications, and services we deploy in near-real-time. We have rules-based and composite high-resolution alerting in place. We apply anomaly detection to our container/applications. Logs are retained for up to two years.

Any additional questions about encryption or audit trails/logs can be directed to sales@draftwise.com.

What does "flexible & secure deployment" entail?

DraftWise is designed with technologies trusted by S&P 500 companies and intelligence agencies. We provide a variety of deployment configurations to support your firm’s technology and compliance requirements, including both cloud and on-premise deployment options.

We offer containerized, access-controlled, auto-scaling SaaS offering, implemented with state-of-the-art security practices adopted by most secure S&P 500 companies and world governments. We have a control framework, audit alerting, and routine security evaluation.

Deploying on the cloud with DraftWise.

Firms have two options when deploying on the cloud with DraftWise.

We can deploy a private cloud specific to your firm in a cloud service provider of your choosing (AWS, Azure, or GCP). With this option, your firm IT maintains encryption keys and audit control, and we retain limited access to facilitate support. By default, no data leaves the VPC and network access can be globally restricted to only firm IP subnets.

We can also deploy to your firm’s existing cloud infrastructure, either in a standard containerized approach (helm chart and private image registry), VM images, or Linux binaries. We can either administer and upgrade the software or provide instructions for firm IT to self-service. Our software can be deployed with a small resource footprint and scaled as usage grows.

Deploying on-premise with DraftWise.

Firms also have the option to deploy on-premise with DraftWise. In this instance, we can easily install or provide installation instructions to your IT leaders for a smooth on-premise deployment. Our support team requires limited access for routine upgrades and 24/7 technical support.

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