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Gain the power of an entire legal department

DraftWise combines the power of Generative AI with the breadth of your deal history to tackle contract drafting and negotiation at scale, eliminating the redundancies of tedious drafting tasks and freeing up your team to leverage their expertise on the projects that matter most. 

Chat with your contract

DraftWise Contract AI Assistant is an essential, always available, expert contract copilot.

Easily ask questions about your negotiation history and get recommended generated redlines to reflect client preferences. 

Auto-generate playbooks – based on your deal history

Ensure consistency across contract draft cycles and save your team hours of needlessly searching for, compiling, and circulating specific language examples. Simply upload various reference documents, and DraftWise’s highly trained AI handles the rest.

Supercharge your drafting and negotiating.

Experience the power of AI in legal document drafting and analysis.