Improve Law Firm Productivity & Knowledge Access with Secure AI

Access to historical knowledge is foundational to fostering long-term client relationships. DraftWise allows legal teams instant access to firm-wide data and precedent to empower lawyers to do higher-level work.

AI Technology, Founded in Security

Our engineering and security teams have deep experience building secure deployments for global companies and government agencies and hold multiple data and application security patents. We are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant among other security certifications.

A commitment to excellence in data security is ingrained into our culture – we stand for trust, security, and a core commitment to safeguarding our clients' data. Our product maintains all ethical walls and puts the administrator in the driver's seat. Search and implement the best language without sacrificing security.

Meet the innovative DraftWise AI platform

DraftWise is the only AI solution that empowers transactional lawyers through every stage of their process - from contract drafting to negotiation – using the breadth of your deal history. Effortlessly tackle complex agreements at scale, keeping your team laser-focused on more strategic work.

Your deal history at your fingertips

With DraftWise, access your best language, precedent, and client-preferred positions instantly, through a secure DMS integration, auto-generated playbooks, or simply uploading a reference document, right in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Actionable recommendations – powered by your data

DraftWise’s advanced search, recommendation, and chat features enable you to find the right clause or definition quickly and effectively. Insert smart recommendations based on your deal history, easing the redline process from start to finish.

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Empowering every lawyer with the knowledge of many

DraftWise facilitates secure, easy content sharing by promoting clause banks, know-how precedents, and playbooks. Every lawyer on your team will achieve greater ROI from the entire firm or organization’s existing work.

Leverage Knowledge

With instant access to information on past deals, insights into market trends, and visibility into client preferences, lawyers now have the upper hand in drafting and negotiating contracts for their clients. DraftWise eliminates much of the hassle that goes into accessing knowledge from the DMS, reducing the amount of time it takes to look up precedent and compare it with red lines. In addition to AI-powered search and sub-second red line comparisons, lawyers can easily surface, understand, and utilize the firm’s most favorable client terms. Our more pointed searches and organization of precedent allow lawyers to save time and focus on the more complex or nuanced filings earlier in the process. With DraftWise, lawyers can step away from tedious tasks faster and dive into higher-level work for clients.

Screen mocks showing DraftWise leveraging DMS knowledge
Screen mocks showing the sharing and collection features of the DraftWise product

Share Expertise

Our generative AI models structure all the component pieces of a contract and require no manual training before being ready to deploy. DraftWise maintains all ethical walls and provides detailed visibility so you can trust your lawyer's use of the platform. Our curation feature allows lawyers to save clauses and documents to collections for teams and junior associates to access in the future. Lawyers can tag clauses with important context for when they should be used. With our one-click "save language" functionality throughout the platform, lawyers can share drafts alongside their thought processes allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Supercharge your drafting and negotiating.

Experience the power of AI in legal document drafting and analysis.