DraftWise Announces Partnership with Am Law 100 Firm

DraftWise Announces Partnership with AmLaw 100 Firm

Jan 12, 2023
DraftWise Announces Partnership with AmLaw 100 Firm

Fast-growing firm intelligence platform DraftWise, Inc. signed an agreement with Katten, a full-service law firm with approximately 700 attorneys in locations across the United States, and in London and Shanghai, which will provide its attorneys with the tools they need to create, manage, and finalize contracts faster and more efficiently.

DraftWise provides lawyers with access to their firm's collective intelligence during all stages of a transaction to help them draft, review, and negotiate complex contracts. It combines search, comparison, proofreading, and curation abilities within a single easy-to-access platform within Microsoft Word. The software automatically integrates with a firm's Document Management System (DMS) and knowledge resources and deploys machine learning models to understand the content of each contract.

“With transactional teams focused on first-rate, cutting-edge legal work, Katten is a natural fit for a solution like DraftWise. We look forward to partnering with Katten's Innovation team to help their attorneys continue to deliver high-quality contracts and counsel,” said Ozan Yalti, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of DraftWise.

One of DraftWise's core product areas enables lawyers to search and discover similar deals as well as relevant language from firm precedents. The platform covers an attorney's end-to-end search, compare, and draft workflow to guide each user to the next best step in their negotiation and mark-up.

“Katten is constantly looking for innovative opportunities to leverage technology and improve our service. Our attorneys see a lot of potential in utilizing DraftWise for better and faster access to information around transactions, eliminating a tough slog of documents and data,” said Andrew Sprogis, Katten's Chief Innovation Officer. “We believe our partnership can lead to greater efficiencies, adding more value to our work and ultimately benefiting our clients.

DraftWise was founded by Palantir and Google engineers James Ding and Emre Ozen, and Clifford Chance lawyer Ozan Yalti. The team intends to bring advanced analytics and data management to the legal space, to enable lawyers to spend more time on the important, hard work of representing their clients. Today, the company works with Am Law 100, Vault 10 and other leading firms across US, UK, and Australia.

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