Streamline Contract Drafting with DraftWise's iManage Integration

March 25, 2024

Set Up DraftWise's Seamless iManage Integration in Minutes

DraftWise is an official iManage Partner and is available in the iManage partner marketplace! The DraftWise iManage partnership empowers attorneys to access relevant knowledge through documents stored in iManage in seconds – simplifying complicated, time-consuming contract drafting tasks. Law firms can set up the DraftWise iManage integration within minutes, to receive lasting benefits to attorney’s everyday work. 

iManage is a knowledge work platform that utilizes document and email management to connect attorneys to information across systems and data. Law firms rely on iManage to house and organize the vast amounts of data that firms collect and need to readily access when drafting contracts and negotiating deals. 

DrafWise’s AI solution is designed to help attorneys find and leverage their firm’s precedent through the drafting and negotiating process – the iManage integration is a critical part of how attorneys can store and access large amounts of knowledge for easier workflows in the DraftWise platform. 

Access Relevant Knowledge Instantly

The DraftWise iManage integration makes accessing your firm's full knowledge and precedent smoother than ever before. Attorneys can quickly identify language previously used and accepted by a client and can easily filter searches to custom-built document collections. Attorneys can compare and redline clauses they’re drafting to multiple clauses at once, whether from the same client, agreement type, or agreements colleagues have previously worked on.

With DraftWise and iManage, drafting has never been easier. Attorneys can now access consolidated and customized information from iManage directly in the Microsoft Word environment. Ultimately, the iManage and DraftWise partnership is another step towards empowering attorneys to allocate their time to best leverage their expertise and to helping achieve ideal client outcomes. 

Empower Your Firm with DraftWise and iManage

Get started with DraftWise today and empower your firm to reach its full potential. Talk to our team to learn more about our partnership with iManage and the integration process. 

Supercharge your drafting and negotiating.

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