Product Update: DraftWise now integrates with Microsoft Outlook

April 15, 2024

Draft and send client emails quickly and accurately

Lawyers spend hours of their day responding to client emails. Maybe it’s providing redlines to a first draft of a contract or sharing a summary of important dates and key obligations in the current agreement. With DraftWise, lawyers can seamlessly respond to the myriad of requests that a client might have about an agreement or negotiation. 

Time to see it in action. 

Let’s say a client doesn’t like the language of a renewal term in the current draft, but they know the counterparty has accepted a more favorable term in a previous agreement. 

In Outlook, you can open DraftWise and search the firm’s entire DMS using simple prompts, like “renewal terms in most recent Example Corp. commercial agreements.”

Searching for Renewal Terms

DraftWise immediately understands the search and returns the most recent renewal terms accepted by the relevant counterparty. 

Again, without leaving Outlook, simply copy and paste the terms into your email to share with your client. 

Copying and Pasting Renewal Terms

Why the world’s best lawyers use DraftWise in Microsoft Outlook

Vault 10, AM Law 100, Magic Circle, and Seven Sisters ranked firms use DraftWise every day to arm their lawyers with data-driven intelligence that drastically improves the complete contract workflow, from first draft to client win. 

The DraftWise Outlook integration closes yet another gap in the lawyer’s day-to-day workflow.  There is no toggling between windows or spending hours searching for language in the DMS. In just minutes, and without leaving the Outlook app, a lawyer can respond to a client’s questions quickly and accurately. 

And they can do this with confidence, trusting that the data used to generate a response was pulled directly from their firm’s institutional knowledge base. 

Get started with DraftWise and Microsoft Outlook

Get started with DraftWise today and empower your firm to reach its full potential. Talk to our team to learn more about the Microsoft Outlook integration today! 

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