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  • Effortlessly find past firm or client knowledge by searching for concepts, not just keywords.

  • Instantly understand your client's positions, and
    analyze market trends based on your client's
    past transactions.

  • Ask questions and generate data about any of your past documents or live documents that you are editing.

  • Create original content (including emails) by
    leveraging your private data on the DraftWise Al.

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Security at DraftWise

DraftWise is designed and maintained by expert engineers and is trusted by leading global law firms.

Enterprise Security Essentials

We are Cyber Security Essentials compliant and SOC 2 compliant.

Comprehensive Security Program

Our comprehensive software security program enables us to detect anomalous activity in real-time. We have controls in place that ensure systems you work on daily are adequately protected and monitored. Platform admins set guardrails around what the AI can and cannot access.

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